The PLAYlist – Chasing Goosebumps Ft. Glenn Lewis

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The PLAYlist – Chasing Goosebumps Ft. Glenn Lewis

World-renowned DJ and Grammy Award-winning producer DJ Jazzy Jeff invited a collective of musicians, singers and songwriters to his home for a music session with an extraordinary idea in mind: Create, record and release the most incredible music possible in seven days. The artists were given full creative freedom, with one condition. Give listeners goosebumps.

Chasing Goosebumps featuring Glenn Lewis is musically as diverse as the artists who brought it to life, The PLAYlist. More than a supergroup, The PLAYlist is a movement that promotes authenticity in music and empowers artists to remain true to their craft. For The PLAYlist, Chasing Goosebumps is reassurance that real, meaningful music is not a lost art. Chasing Goosebumps is not the end of an era. It’s just the beginning.

The PLAYList

The Playlist Retreat is an intimate gathering of progressive artists for the purpose of inspiration, motivation and collaboration. It is an organic exchange between people who believe in the greater purpose of expression through music.


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