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Get to Know DJ Robert Smith

DJ Robert Smith of Berlin, Germany took the 2017 DMC Germany Championship and is making a name for himself as he enjoy the craft he loves. Here is a brief into the world of DJ Robert Smith.

First off.. How are you doing?

Thanks very good. DJaying brings so much joy and fun into my life even after more than 18 years. Life can’t be better than it is now. It now makes even more sense doing it over and over and spending hours on it.

What gear are you DJing with?

Rane TTM 57 SL
Technics MK2 1210
Vestax PDX Series
Vestax PMC 07 incl the Innofader PNP

What do you personally consider as your career highlight thus far?

My career highlight was indeed the year 2017 when I became the DMC Germany Champion and competitor for the DMC World Finals in London. Also I took place on the Kame World Classics Europe, an online battle competition by DJ Spell and went third in a triple threat final.

How do you balance your relationship with giving the listeners what they want and putting them on to music they need to be exposed to?

Well, I think music tells so many stories, I wanna tell the listeners mine. Nowadays it is tough to have an interested audience that really knows what you are doing and what a DJ is for in clubs. Mobiles got more interesting for people. Music is everywhere!!! You have to be attentive and try to give them want they want while blending in your understanding for music step by step.

DJs are the original record breakers, so what local/regional artist do you currently support?

I do support DJ Crypt and Dj Rookie from South Germany as much as DJ Reaktionschwach and the Uppercutz Crew

Pass the torch. What DJ should MyWayDJ interview next and why?

DJ Crypt, he s truly a real DJ and lives it to the fullest!


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