Get to Know DJ Mojito

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Get to Know DJ Mojito

Hong Kong’s own, DJ Mojito gives us some insight to his world and whats popping in Hong Kong.

First off.. How are you doing?

Feeling amazing! Made a life changing decision to go full on with my passion and treat it as my line of work and I’ve never felt more satisfied with work (more like something I enjoy) … with recent sponsorships from the famous Luc Belaire & Black Bottle Boys, gigs have doubled and we’re making some real noise with our original music content. Just got to keep working towards your goals and what you really want, there’s nothing that can stop you when you really want it that bad!

What gear are you DJing with?

PLX-500, Technics-1200, DJM-900SRT, DJM-900NXS, DJM-700, CDJ850, CDJ2000, CDJ2000NXS

What do you personally consider as your career highlight thus far?

Given the opportunity by one of the biggest clubs in Hong Kong, to run our own brand recently called Straight Outta Home Kong, the goal was to boost Hip Hop culture and music in Hong Kong and bring the different aspects together (rap, beatboxing, djs). From artist line-ups, to visuals and to all the marketing, it’s all handled by us! The best part about it, is we have full control and have been quite successful in giving HK Hip Hop a new shape and sound.

How do you balance your relationship with giving the listeners what they want and putting them on to music they need to be exposed to?

It’s important to play what the crowd wants but also introduce them to new music. With various mixing techniques I keep the music open-format and create a vibe to play around in such a way where even if I play classic old school songs, and then new school something they’ve never heard and something thats very popular right after, it’ll sound just right. I feel like the trick is to make it all sound like 1 mix at the same time, make the crowd notice the song has been changed and they’re still in the groove.

DJs are the original record breakers, so what local/regional artist do you currently support?

JENIL, DJ Tin Ho, DJ Anil Ahuja, Seth Gutierrez

Pass the torch. What DJ should MyWayDJ interview next and why?

JENIL, he’s an underdog too and has really made a name for himself and deserves for his story to be told.

About DJ Mojito

Hong Kong born and raised, DJ Mojito is a professional Open Format DJ, Rapper and Entertainer. Since a young age, he was intrigued by the art of mixing and scratching, which cultivated his desire to compose and create music with unique style and persona as a form of expression, soon building a name as one of Hong Kong’s finest emerging talents.

At the prime age of 22, Mojito has curated music for several venues while regularly performing at exclusive events; 5-Star venues such as Shangrila’s Kerry Hotel, W Hotel’s Woobar and top clubs such as PLAY, Zentral, Armani Privé, Azure, FLY and more at Lan Kwai Fong.

He performed with Top 100 artists like DANNIC, R3HAB, Project 46 at events recognized internationally, as well as Hong Kong’s biggest cruise party known as Beat Ship. International shows include Fashion TV Club, Evening Show in Shenzhen for the infamous superstar duo Wolf Pack. Leading to a headlined show as a duo with SCF-SAiNT at SKY21 and Cubic as emcees in Macau.

With influences from legends like Tupac, 50 Cent, and Eminem as well as newer artists like Drake, MC Jin and MGK, he began his music journey with HK Hip-Hop Talents, Dope Boy. As he developed his flow, lyrical skill and musical sense, Dope Boy had begun taking over stages around Hong Kong and initiated an underground cypher movement featuring few of Hong Kong’s elite rappers, known as the HKUG Cypher Series.

Along with deeper interests in his roots, he also produces, composes and performs Hindi Bollywood music, giving him a chance to create something fresh via incorporating different genres and languages in a mix.

Mojito continues to grow his individual style and unique spectrum of musical influence with a vision to inspire the next generation and carry a positive message to unite individuals from around the world. Today it translates into his sets where he picks apart and infuses together all the forms of music he loves.


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