Get to Know DJ Lean Wit It

//Get to Know DJ Lean Wit It

Get to Know DJ Lean Wit It

DJ Lean Wit It is fairly new to the masses, but don’t get it twisted as he has already dominated DJ competitions such as the Red Bull 2012 Philly DJ Master Competition, and continues to rock parties through out Philly for his own and even a resident DJ for corporate events such as the Heineken Green Room.

What gear are you DJing with?

I usually spin on Technics 1200s but every once in a while I’ll get down on some Pioneer CDJs. As far as mixers, I use the Rane Sixty-Two, Pioneer DJM S9 or the club standard Pioneer DJM 900.

What do you personally consider as your career highlight thus far?

Probably my most recent trip to Berlin, Germany. I was fortunate to be in the DJ lineup for the Hip Hop Beach Festival this summer at an outdoor spot called Badeschiff. I had way too much fun! I feel like anytime I can get on a plane and leave home to play records is a highlight honestly.

How do you balance your relationship with giving the listeners what they want and putting them on to music they need to be exposed to?

When you DJ in many different rooms, you understand that DJing is all about context. There is literally a time and place for everything. Nobody likes the “Preachy DJ”, so it’s my job 90% of the night to gain a crowd’s trust in my musical taste so that I can sprinkle in some gems throughout the night they probably haven’t heard before.

DJs are the original record breakers, so what local/regional artist do you currently support?

As of right now I keep Dayne Jordan, Bri Steves, Stassi and Feese in rotation. There’s really good vibes in their tunes and I’m all about that.

Pass the torch. What DJ should MyWayDJ interview next and why?

DJ Giam from Berlin. He’s one of my favorite DJs and has one of the best parties in Europe called “Hip Hop Don’t Stop” among so many other dope events he curates. He’s definitely a DJ people should be familiar with.


About DJ Lean Wit It

DJ Lean Wit It is a diverse artist with a portfolio of artistry in musicology, videography, theater and visual arts. He honed his skills at Temple University’s WHIP Radio Station while throwing some of the biggest events on campus and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Media Production. He is the co-founder of UGLYBASS Media, a grassroots DJ/Production collective that encompasses universal sound birthed in Philadelphia traveling through out the country. He is the winner of Red Bull’s 2012 Philly DJ Master Competition and has shared stages with several international recording artists including Raekwon, Manny Fresh, Machine Gun Kelly, Musiq Soulchild and Action Bronson. DJ Lean Wit It’s unique and infectious sound has been home to many popular venues throughout the US and Europe. He is currently a resident DJ for Heineken Green Room and Lean On Thursdays at Pub Webb as well as UGLYBASS Unzipped on Dash Radio’s LOUD Station. Blazing a trail of musical experimentation and collaborations has positioned DJ Lean Wit It on a path to entering the global arena and setting it on fire.


DJ Affliliations

UGLYBASS and Dash Radio


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