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Food For The Soul: DJ Dallas Green

Dj Dallas Green - Made From ScratchDJ Dallas Green is the personification of “food for the soul,” with his creative and comforting gourmet desserts and his tastemaker-tunes as a DJ. On Jan 31st, he can be seen showcasing his ever-growing chef talents on Food Network’s Chopped. Can he get passed the obscure basket pairings and make a culinary classic out of, let’s say, Buffalo Tongue, Grapefruit, Pine Nuts, and Whipping Cream? His current roster of food at his Made From Scratch gourmet shop already includes some peculiar pairings, such as his signature Red Velvet Popcorn and Chocolate Covered Bacon. As a dessert expert, the final round (the Dessert Basket round) should be a piece of cake (ahh, see what I did there?), if he makes it that far. He shared with MyWayDJ that it wasn’t as difficult as he expected, having practiced with his wife and daughter at home.

“The experience was totally amazing. How often does a DJ create a food business, teach himself to cook, and make it on one of the biggest food competitions on national television.”


Dallas Green on Food Network's Chopped

DJ Dallas Green has seen the world and back, through several international residencies and as touring DJ for Grammy-Award Winning Rapstress Eve. His client list includes major brands such as NBA, Macy’s, Viacom, and plenty others in his impressive portfolio. He’s always had a great passion and affinity for the culinary arts, and after many encounters with unique bites around the globe, DJ Dallas Green decided to launch his own gourmet food company in 2014, appropriately titled Made From Scratch (a genius name if you ask me, along with a genius logo and custom headphone-strapped apron). Having started as a pop-up shop in Long Island City, Made From Scratch has since branched into the world of catering and special events, along with a second pop-up for their Chicken-And-Waffles plus appearances at festivals and locales throughout New York. Made from Scratch’s most recent endeavor is their Eats & Beats Brunch, a traveling pop-up where customers receive an Eats & Beats Pack which includes a mix by DJ Dallas Green and four take-home recipes.

“At first, I started Made From Scratch for me,” he tells us. “But, as the buzz, the repeat customers, and the fans grew, I realized I continue because of the people that support it.” DJ Dallas Green is humbled to add Choppedto his resume, a bucket-list item he accomplished on his own, proudly boasting, “I earned it. No favors, just hard work.”  As a very ambitious entrepreneur, DJ Dallas Green works hard at furthering the Made From Scratch brand and hopes to build his own cooking segment with artists and actors in the near future.

Traveling the world DJ'ing allowed me to experience all types of music but also food from many cultures. Those travels inspired me to start Made from Scratch. Tonight's announcement is the culmination of hard work but more importantly the love and support of family and friends. I'm excited to announce....

Posted by Dallas Green on Tuesday, January 17, 2017


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