DJ Mani Midi – Imaginal Cells

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DJ Mani Midi – Imaginal Cells

DJ Mani drops a Techo style DJ mix featuring artists such as Mark Broom, UMEK, Moby, Aykanna, Bart Skils, Guy Gerber, Drunken Kong and more.

About DJ Mani

Manish or ‘DJ Mani’ started DJing in 1993 professionally while he was at the University of Illinois. After graduating college his time at Gramaphone Records established him in the Chicago music scene. Being extremely ambitious, he took on a new endeavor called EAR DJs that represented 33 of the biggest names in techno music. He traveled alongside The Advent and opened up with a live PA, which he has been doing since 2003 with Ableton Live. This he debuted on the famous Chicago Metro’s main stage and with version 1.0 of the famous software. Manish took a more serious side to his production, gaining much experience as a Dept. Manager for the nation’s largest music retailer, Guitar Center where he was also promoted to GC Pro. He learned a lot about the music gear that shows in his new live sets and DJ sets as his gear knowledge today is far greater than when he was touring heavily. He also experimented with new musical genres and more specifically perfected his craft in making songs


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