DJ GI Joe – Real Hip Hop (Music Video Premier)

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DJ GI Joe – Real Hip Hop (Music Video Premier)

Supreme Beingz’s own, DJ G.I. Joe laces with the exclusive premier for his newest music video of “Real Hip Hop“, where he is blessing the mic instead of the turntables. “Real Hip Hop” is a single off the collaborative album, Cold Minded  by DTM the Mc and DJ G.I. Joe. So to set this off right, we sat down with DJ  G.I. Joe aka Wildman Joe to bless us with some insight to this video and his journey as a DJ an MC.

So you are an amazing DJ who has toured across the globe.. why are you rapping?

Actually, the question is why did I ever stop? 

When I was growing up in the 90s, it was what I would call the pure era.  To me, it was about being as dope as you could at all elements.

Most people don’t even know that I was a full fledged B-Boy first, battling and all.  It wasn’t until 1997 when I saw Krs One’sStep into a World video and saw Kwik Step and Rocafella that I said to myself “I want to be dope like them,” and later on became crew mates with them.

The emceeing was always a part of what we did as kids.  For the most part, it was freestyling in the park or in a basement or to a loop on my 12 second Gemini sampler.  There was nothing better than spitting that freestyle that made everyone say Ooooohhhh.

Even though I was a young kid breaking and freestyling with my homies, the DJ element is what I really wanted, but who could afford 1200s that young?

When it came to DJing, my main influence was DJ Kid Capri till the 1995 DMC video where I saw Roc Raida win the world champion gold turntables.  I wanted nothing more than to be just like Raida, Rest In Peace.

So, given my history, the question is “Why am I rapping…”

I was touring the world with Immortal Technique and the Rebel Armz for many years.

After a fallout with Immortal Technique, I said fuck it and gave up my position as his DJ.  After I walked away from touring with him, I realized I didn’t really enjoy DJing anymore, so I just started writing and recording.  It became a normal thing to just be in the studio for days with other emcees recording random tracks.

I guess the reason I started rapping is I needed a break from the turntables after 20 years of DJing.


The term “Real Hip Hop” has been thrown out by people loosely. What is your stance on this record?

On this record, if you listen to my verse enough times, you’ll see I named a lot of names that I consider Real HipHop. The song was sent to me by DTM The MC and already had his verse and the hook. It was the hook that made me say to myself “How can I describe what real hip hop is to me while mentioning people like Chino XL, Krs One, Zulu Nation…?” My stance is don’t call yourself hip hop if you aren’t.


You already know a roster of acclaimed emcees, so why choose up-n-coming rapper DTM the MC to do a project with?

I met DTM the MC at a show on his 18th birthday or at least he was about to turn 18. I stayed in touch with him over the years and watched him grow into a dope emcee. He was not spitting like most California artists and knew a lot about east coast hip hop. After various emails and tracks we recorded, I said to myself this kid is hungry… I actually moved him to Boston where we worked on Cold Minded and finished it. Gotta give the kid respect for leaving Cali and moving to another state just to work on music. Now that is drive!

Now knowing so many emcees, the reason I was happy to work with DTM is because he didn’t have a diva ass attitude like some other emcees I have tried to work with who make it seem like writing a 16 bar verse will delay their album.


Diabolic is actually a feature on this record, but it looks like he didn’t make the cut on the music video. Can the fans expect an extended version of this video in the future?

Man, Diabolic is like a brother to me, and we have even gotten kicked off of tours for drunken fights and I mean me and him actually beefing with each other. At the end of the day, we will always have each other’s back like family. That’s my brother right here.

As for the video, I flew from Austin, TX and DTM the MC and Matt Freiheit of 93 degrees flew from Cali to New York where we planned on shooting the video with Diabolic, but you know things don’t always work out as planned. Diabolic couldn’t make it to the shoot so we just shot it anyway. We also shot the Wild Style video with CF and that just happened because he just happened to come to the studio while we were there with Southpaw at Viper Records. I would be more than happy to shoot another full-length version of the video but it could be out of the question seeing how DTM lives in Cali and I now live in Austin, TX and Diabolic in Long Island.


In the music video we saw clips of when DJ Enuff had you and DTM the MC on Hot 97 spitting bars. Did it feel different being behind the mic instead of the turntables?

Bro, the feeling was amazing. I felt good, and after watching the video I heard myself say “I FEEL GOOD IN HERE, Enuff.” Because man, I absolutely did, and I hope to go back again and perform something that will turn heads. I am known for what I do on the turntables, but when people saw me on the Hot Box with DJ Enuff, people hit me up like yo I didn’t know you could rap. I definitely was nervous and could not remember how my verse started until it was my turn. Could you imagine how terrible that would’ve been had I blanked out and choked? But everything went smoothly. CF put the nail in the coffin, and I just kept telling him to keep going.

Shouts to DJ Enuff for giving us the opportunity and letting us rock on the Hot Box!


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